[TED] TED 精采演說的秘訣

TED 根據 12 年來數百場啟發人心的 TED talks, 歸納出精采演說的共通點.

Your number one task as a speaker is to build an idea inside the minds of your audience.

What is an idea?
A pattern of information that helps you understand and navigate the world.

Why ideas matter?
If communicated properly, they're capable of changing, forever, how someone thinks about the world, and shaping their actions both now and well into the future.

概念 (ideas) 是型塑人類文化最強大的力量.
Four guidelines toward great talk:

1. Limit your talk to just one major idea.
Ideas are complex things; you need to slash back your content so that you can focus on the single idea you're most passionate about, and give yourself a chance to explain that one thing properly.

You have to give context, share examples, make it vivid.

讓這個單一的概念 (idea) 貫穿整場 talk, 過程中你談到的事情都要能夠以某種方式連結到這個單一的概念.
2. Give your listeners a reason to care.
引發聽眾的好奇心 (curiosity).

Use intriguing, provocative questions to identify why something doesn't make sense and needs explaining.

If you can reveal a disconnection in someone's worldview, they'll feel the need to bridge that knowledge gap.
3. Build your idea, piece by piece, out of concepts that your audience already understands.

4. Make your idea worth sharing.
自問: 這個 idea 能夠使誰受益? (Who does this idea benefit?)

If you believe that the idea has the potential to brighten up someone else's day or change someone else's perspective for the better or inspire someone to do something differently, then you have the core ingredient to a truly great talk, one that can be a gift to them and to all of us.

[TED Talk] TED's secret to great public speaking, by Chris Anderson