[TED] 意識之探究



1. a mind
A mind is a flow of mental images, such as visual images, auditory images, tactile images.

六想身: 眼觸生想。耳、鼻、舌、身、意觸生想,是名六想身。 (雜阿含 328 經)
2. a self

A conscious mind is a mind with a self in it.

A self introduces a subjective perspective in the mind.

We are only fully conscious when self comes to mind.


1. mind 如何運作 (how minds are put together)

以影像﹑視覺為例,images  retina  visual cortex  neural maps: image-making regions (perception), memory-holding regions
2. self 如何被建構出來 (how selves are constructed)

Q: How can you have this reference point, this stability, that is required to maintain the continuity of selves day after day?

A: We generate brain maps of the body's interior and use them as the reference for all the other maps.

The brain stem provides the grounding for the self in a very tight interconnection with the body.

The cerebral cortex provides the great spectacle of our minds with the production of images that are the contents of our minds.

You cannot have a conscious mind if you don't have the interaction between cerebral cortex and brain stem.

You cannot have a conscious mind if you don't have the interaction between the brain stem and the body.
Three levels of self:

1. proto self

2. core self

3. autobiographical self
autobiographical self has prompted:
extended memory




the instruments of culture:



the arts


此 talk 沒有探討到: 意志力﹑覺察力﹑專注力的運作機制。

[TED Talk] The quest to understand consciousness, by Antonio Damasio