Java Resources


[Article] First Encounter with 3D Studio MAX version 7 and M3G exporter

[Article] First Encounter with HI Corp Mascot v4 M3G Converter - Source for J2ME Bluetooth, Mobile 3D (M3G), MIDP 2.0

Nikolay Klimchuk's JSR-184 Information Page

Sony Ericsson - Mobile Java 3D Game Gallery


Amark - a graphical benchmarking tool for midp devices

Java Grande Forum Benchmark Suite - lists many benchmark applications for the Java platform.

JavaME Test Suite

JBenchmark - measures the graphical performance of J2ME enabled devices.

TaylorBench - A very simple benchmark, that, that tests the low-level performance of a MIDP-compliant device.


BCEL - Byte Code Engineering Library (formerly known as JavaClass).

jclasslib - a library that enables developers to read, modify and write Java class files and bytecode. In addition, jclasslib contains a class file viewer that visualizes all aspects of Java class files and the contained bytecode.


SQuirrel SQL - a graphical Java program for viewing the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browsing the data in tables, issuing SQL commands etc.


DJ Java Decompiler - a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP decompiler and disassembler for Java that reconstructs the original source code from the compiled binary CLASS files.

Jad - the fast JAva Decompiler


Jesktop - a desktop system written in Java that can have GUI applications installed into it. It is dependant upon Avalon which is a server framework from Apache.

JDistro - the desktop for the Java virtual machine.Korte: desktop, Wharf: application launcher.

Execution Environment

XWT - XWT is the XML Windowing Toolkit. It lets you write remote applications -- applications that run on a server, yet can "project" their user interface onto any computer, anywhere on the Internet.



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NetBeans IDE - A great open source Java IDE.


[Doc] Introduction to OTA Application Provisioning

[Links] J2ME Open Source Software

Antenna - Ant tasks for wireless development, can be used to compile, preverify, package, obfuscate, and run your MIDP applications, manipulate JAD files, as well as convert JAR files to PRC files.

CNJM - 中國Java手機網 - java software for mobile phones

J2ME Benchmark & Test Suite

J2ME Book List


JavaME Test Suite - performance discovery

Java Wireless Competency Centre

Java World - Micro Java

ME4SE - make J2ME APIs available on J2SE


Sun's wireless page

WebSphere Studio Device Developer

Java Devices

#! - Hashbang - Java software for mobile devices

J2ME Device Database

JavaMobiles - Java Phones, JVM for PDA, books, FAQ, free midlets

Java POS

microJava network - Articles, Devices, Downloads, News & Info, Developer, Discussions



Java工作平台 by 林厚展

Look And Feel

3D Look&Feel -

Alloy Look&Feel - Nicer Looks and Better Feelings. Comes with Java Web Start demonstration. Allows royalty free distribution.

Compiere Looks - a 3D color extension of the Java Metal pluggable Look and Feel. - the Look and Feel Source for both Java developers and end-users.

Kunststoff Look&Feel - a completely free Look&Feel (LGPL licensing) for Java Swing applications.

Metouia Look & Feel - LGPL licensing.

NextStep/OpenStep Look&Feel - Tested on JDK 1.1.7.

oyoaha look&feel - 不愧是日本人做的. 非常漂亮.

SkinLF - 讓Java程式可以換上漂亮的新衣


Java World


activeviewer - a VNC client for J2ME MIDP. - free wireless Java download repository

Nokia's software market


jPresto from S5 Systems - develops software that optimizes J2ME applications for transmission through wireless media. It also provides software for J2SE and J2EE platforms. Theirtechnology consists of Java obfuscation , Java code reduction , Image optimization , Java code size and performance optimization.

RetroGuard - a general purpose bytecode obfuscator


Java class file optimization and compression tools


JNode - Java New Operating System Design Effort


jGuru - Forums, Articles, Learn, FAQs.


JProfiler - an enterprise level all-in-one Java profiler for finding performance bottlenecks, pinning down memory leaks and resolving threading issues.


JamaicaVM - hard realtime, realtime GC, static compiler, profiling tool, dynamic loading.

Software Acceleration

Bytecodes - Bytecodes, Inc. provides high-speed interpreters for Java (3 to 5 times quicker). Method calls are 52% faster than partial hardware accelerators because there is no hardware mode switch overhead. The working set is small enough to run entirely inside the processor on-chip cache, enabling it to rival adaptive JITs in speed.

JavaGO - Java byte code global optimizer

Jode - a java package containing a decompiler and an optimizer for java.

Jopt - The Java Class File Optimizer. Jopt makes your Java Applets and Applications smaller & faster, and it's free!!!

Soot - a Java Optimization Framework


Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing - The Java Tutorial from Sun

Visual Index to the Swing Components


japitool - consists of two simple tools designed to test for compatibility between Java APIs. Japize is a java program which uses the jode.bytecode library to emit a listing of an API in a machine-readable format. Japicompat then takes two such listings and compares them for binary compatibility.


Droplets - Universal User Interface

Espial - Espresso lightweight GUI toolkit, Escape Java browser, Ebox email client, DeviceTop graphics OSGi client

Thinlet - For Really Thin Clients

TinyLine - a J2ME SDK for applications that want to use images in the Mobile SVG format for various purposes on Java enabled devices.

WeirdX - Pure Java X Window System Server under GPL

Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library (LwVCL)

Virtual Machine

[Paper] Deterministic Execution of Java's Primitive Bytecode Operations

[Paper] Stack Caching for Interpreters

Kaffe - a clean room implementation of JVM and class libraries. My contributions: porting AWT to QT/Embedded (with Ken-Hao Liu, sponsered by Dialogue Technology), the result is merged into Kaffe since 1.0.7. Original Source. Mail.

List of JVMs, JDKs and JREs

SavaJe - Support J2SE AWT, Swing, Java2D & J2ME MIDP. Java + OS.

Wonka - ACUNIA's cleanroom JVM. It is extremely portable and self-contained, and can be used with its own real-time executive (OSwald) to provide a complete solution for embedded devices.


kXML - a lightweight XML parser that can be used in J2ME.

NanoXML - a small non-validating parser for Java.

Parsing XML in J2ME - XML in a MIDP Environment, by Jonathan Knudsen.